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Stuart OnDemand helps businesses and communities deliver and receive products securely across the United States in a fast, easy, and affordable way. Providing new courier experience to senders and receivers is our mission, increasing efficiencies, providing convenience, and reducing costs is our end goal. 

We believe that everyone has the power to move the world forward, and through a well-connected network, everyone moves forward together. Providing high-quality, expedited courier service was the driving force behind Stuart OnDemand’s establishment. We are guided by the aspiration to bring speed, flexibility, reliability, transparency, and cost-effective services to valued partners and end consumers. Our success in delivering time-sensitive packages on schedule every time is a testament to over 20 years of expertise in solving even the most complex logistics and shipping challenges. Using advanced logistics technology, advanced data analytics, a large distribution network, and custom ground services, Stuart OnDemand delivers packages of all sizes, documents, healthcare products, perishable products, retail products, live animals and valuable goods with great care.


At Stuart OnDemand, we strive to be an invaluable asset to our customers by delivering an exemplary customer experience through providing differentiated products and services to accelerate their success.

Our Vision

It’s our steadfast commitment to provide the best Customer Service Experience, competitive pricing, and to be on the radar of every industry that requires expedited same day courier services and last mile solutions.


At Stuart OnDemand, we strive to be an Invaluable Asset to our customers as Logistics Experts by delivering an Exemplary Customer Experience through providing Differentiated Products and Services to accelerate their Success.


It’s our steadfast commitment to provide the best Customer Service Experience, Competitive Pricing, and to be on the radar of every industry that requires Expedited Same Day Courier Services and Last Mile Solutions.



We understand that every package whether it is some kind of medical record, official document, or even a personal letter is trusted to us to be kept confidential and be delivered only to the rightful recipient. Hence, we give high importance to the integrity of our clients in all ways possible.


We value our customers and their expectations on us to get their items delivered within the committed time, therefore we have always focused on fulfilling our commitments to every package of every client even if it means going beyond limits.


We believe open and honest communication is key in establishing long-term relationships with our customers hence we have always focused on absolute visibility and engagement in all of our services.

Fast Delivery Times

We appreciate the fact that customers want their items delivered or received as soon as possible, therefore we have always focused on providing the best option affordably.


Our philosophy is simple: We aim to provide the highest quality services at the most competitive price which helps us in providing value to our customers and hence setting us apart from our competitors.


We believe that no organization could deliver the best without checking and rechecking its own work and processes and taking necessary action to make everyone accountable for any wrongdoings.

What Makes Us Different

Our diverse scope and business scale allows us to provide a myriad of logistics and cargo services at attractive commercial terms. Leveraging on our solid market presence, we can pass on the benefit of economies of scale, bargaining power with the trade, as well as synergies of cross-regional and cross-industry, to clients.

That means, giving you great services and rapid deliveries at the best price possible.

Flexible Scheduling

With just the push of a button, you can request an individual or multiple couriers for immediate pickup, routine pickups, or schedule a pickup up to 30 days in advance through our Stuart OnDemand web portal.


We have a simple and fair pricing system that shows you the estimated costs for your shipment... There's no hidden fees or expensive overhead costs. Our clients save up to 30% on delivery costs and benefit from zero-operational downtime.

Track and Manage Automatically

Access to all logistics information from a single database, including a clear overview of where each courier and shipment is with real-time status alerts.

Centralized Billing

Our centralized billing system allows you to not only keep track of your spend, but also consolidate all of your spend into one monthly flexible payment. This has a major effect on efficiency and the costs associated with processing invoices.

Ongoing Support

Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide end-to-end support of your time-critical shipments. In case of unexpected delays, we swiftly put a contingency plan in motion to save time and minimize disruption.

Up Front Pricing

We have a simple and fair pricing system that shows you the estimated costs for your shipment... There's no hidden fees or expensive overhead costs. Our clients save up to 30% on delivery costs and benefit from zero-operational downtime.

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Our team of professionals will make sure to deliver your package with freshness, on time and in the fastest way possible. If you’re worried about finding a local courier service with same day delivery options, fret not! Call us today for a reliable delivery option that’s second to none in terms of its affordability and dependability. We have it all covered to ensure you’ll get your items when they need to be delivered.

Goods That We Deliver

Stuart On Demand Inc. understands that there are critical time-sensitive shipments that are time sensitive because of the nature of their end destination. Our dedicated team of logistics experts can create a unique solution for you. From simple transportation to global freight forwarding, we have it all.


Whatever the size of your package or goods, we can help you get a fast and efficient transportation experience. We offer local, regional and long-distance deliveries.


We can take care of all your document shipments. Whether you're moving your home, or you need important documents delivered, we've got you covered. We will make sure those goods are transported securely.


We are the leader in the medical shipping industry, and we understand what a key to successful healthcare is. At StuartOnDemand, Inc. we can arrange for the safe and rapid transport of blood samples and medical supplies from one location to another.


We understand that perishables are an essential part of our daily lives, whether you buy them at your local grocery store or have someone else grow them. We can create a customized solution to fulfill your perishable shipping needs.


No matter what the nature or size of your retail business, we can help you ship goods and products in a fast, convenient manner. Whether it’s a small restaurant or large shopping center, we are here to help you deliver products to your customers as quickly as possible.


The reason we're so great at valuables is because we know how to help you get your valuable products to their rightful owners as quickly as possible. We can create a customized solution for you.


Even the smallest businesses or institutions have to move goods and products around the country and world, in a safe and secure manner. At StuartOnDemand, Inc., we've developed a mobility platform that can take your freight anywhere in the country at any time.

Parts And Equipment

If you're in need of goods and products that are used to maintain a large operation or institution, we've got you covered. We can arrange for the safe transport of spare parts, medical equipment, hotel equipment and more.

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