Why Us?

Today, we are privileged to connect businesses and communities across New York City. As we work towards expanding our coverage of express deliveries to other regions of the United States and establish a nationwide footprint, we’ll assist you to grow your business beyond borders. Since establishment, Stuart OnDemand has achieved great traction with over 200 registered users and performed over 200,000 time-sensitive deliveries to date. Our fleet of couriers works with over 10 leading carriers and Stuart OnDemand driver-partners to provide a fast and reliable courier service within your budget, featuring real-time tracking and notification, door-to-door service, and custom clearance on-site.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Our delivery services have the following exceptional characteristics which keep us apart from other similar service providers.

● 24/7 Ongoing Support
● Seamless Ordering and Tracking
● Instant Email Order Confirmations
● Immediate Signature Confirmation
● Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
● Competitors Price Matching

Innovative Technology

Our use of technology helps us in keeping our customers well informed and happy because of the following traits visible in our services.

● State-Of-The-Art Web Portal
● Online Invoicing
● Real-Time Status Updates
● Centralized Billing
● Customized Solutions
● Improved KPIs

Proven Track Record

Our proven track record makes us highly reliable and consistent in our services which could be determined through the following statistical data gathered over time.

● 100,000 Lives Impacted by Critical Shipments
● 1200 Airplanes Off the Ground
● $307,684 Saved from Preventable Service Failures
● 99.8% Average On-time Performance
● 100% Customer Satisfaction

Highly Professional Staff

Having a qualified and professional staff has always helped us in delivering the best services and to keep our team up to date we encourage and invest in our employees and drivers so that they could be trained and be equipped with the latest knowledge available. This helps us in providing the right solution in the best way possible.